An A.I that deciphers user intentions.

As we grow we keep adding features to detemine context, and learn the various preferences for users to automate a dynamic unified personalized solution for user retention.

Product Features


Machine learning algorithms automatically analyze, filter out noise, identify opportunities, scout problem areas of your conversion pages, and display results on a easy to read dashboard.

Optimization beta

Do not waste time pouring over data to find the best path towards increased conversions. We do that for you with continuous automated on-site optimization that is working even when you are not.

Product Recommendations

Our recommendation engine converges 7 customizable algorithms with various techniques like Natural Language Processing(NLP), sentiment analysis, and trend detection to maximise selection.

Automation Stack beta

Recuperate abandoned shopping carts, target user special interest, and send dynamic newsletters.

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Plottr Analytics Stack

Session & User Breakdown.

An analytics data-mining dashboard that automatically identifies and distills your most important KPIs.

Automatically highlights opportunities and threats for decision making.

Detect the audience segment better fitting your campaigns, saving time and spending on testing.

Analyze and detect behaviour trends accross different user divisions and campaigns.

Detect trends accross your content, products, and landing pages.

Funnel Analysis

Analyse user and session behaviour from one action to another, automatically pinpoint problems in your sales funnel.(Coming Soon)

Product Performance

Read values like the total time users spent looking at a specific product, and compare it to conversions.

Run a competitive comparision between one product and another, a category and another or a keyword and another. (Coming Soon)

Plottr Optimization Stack

A/B Testing & Personalization.

Multi-Variate Testing to determine the best variation for banner copy and design, as well as recommendation selections.(Coming Soon)

Automatically detect the audience segment better fitting your experiment, saving time and spending on testing.(Coming Soon)

Content & UX Tracking.

Learn what your users are spending their time looking at.

constantly cross check UX feature validity.

Measure which content is driving conversions with combination with our session & user breakdown.

Plottr Recommendation Stack

Create Widgets

Create from one or more recommendations a set of widgets to place on your website with a simple process.

Create custom banners and promotional copies to test out without the need to write any code.

Select from a selection of dynamic reactive templates to fit your design intentions. (Coming Soon)

User based Recommendations

Special Interest Recommendations detect products that held special interest for each of your returning users, and recommends products based on their previous behaviour.

General Interest Recommendations detects the major parameters that appeal to each returning user and recommends products based on a calculated vector of these parameters.

User Hype Recommendations a algorithm that calculates the general interest the user has in the different categories, and recommends the top trends from appropriate categories. It will also select a smart selection based on first time users demographics, and recommends appropriate trends.

Context based Recommendations

General Hype Recommendations an algorithm that will generate a smart selection of products based on users demographics, and recommends appropriate trends.

Related Products Recommendations an algorithm that will select based on Natural language processing and sentiment analysis a close match to the product being viewed regardless of their performance. This help push other options within your inventory preventing the echochamber effect

Similar Products Recommendations an algorithm that will select based on Natural language processing, sentiment analysis and a series of performance parameters, a broad match to the product being viewed without being out of context. It is a smart way to shuffle your best perfoming products accross different product pages.

Featured Products Recommendations an algorithm that will select based on a semi manual method a list of featured products that will help you create automatic featured products selections accross your categories. you can chose the criteria you want.

Plottr Automation Stack

Campaigns and Newsletters

Marketing automation through Email mobile and web Push notifications.

Select one or more algorithms from our recommendation stack to personalize each campaign with a selection specific to the demographic or individual user.

Target specific user segments based on intelligent segmentation from our analysis dashboard.(Coming Soon)

A variety of intelligent triggers

All triggers can be delayed by a certain time after the triggering action, they can also be repeated several times after the triggering fact by an interval. fitting more into each campaign and lessening the clutter. (Available in Beta)

Time Based Trigger launch at specific time, using an either global timezone or to each individual user's timezone. launch at a specific day of the week, day of the month.

Engagement Based Trigger accelerate or decelerate your campaigns based on each user's interest within a specific time period.

Special Interest Trigger launch a smart follow up email based on the user's interest within products.

Abandonment Triggers launch a smart follow up email based on changes made then were abandonned by user like abandonned cart, or a wish list change, etc...

Churn Trigger recapture users with promotional content relevant to them after they've been away for a while. let the system determine how long is a while.

Offers and Updates launch a product specific campaign to all of your users that presented interest, or have previously bought or added it to their wishlist.

Session Engagement A real-time trigger to trigger certain certain actions after a person visits a number of pages, or spends a certain amount of time or activity on the website

Manual Triggers Javascript or API triggers, enabling you to cusomize and build a complete solution based on our behavioural machine learning.

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