Artificial Intelligence on Market Behavior

Imagine if you could instantly complete a cohort analysis of all of your products before they launch.
Make educated estimations before A/B testing with predictive target market profiling.


  • A.I. solutions for small and medium sized e-commerce businesses.
  • Dashboard that automates analytic investigations and recommendations.
  • Actionable results fast, easy to install, well crafted and machine sculpted.
Proven Outcomes

How it Works

Install our
tracking javascript
to get started with data collection.
Add required
content tags
to your HTML to initiate content analysis.
Add additional
conversion tracking javascript
to monitor user behaviour and conversions.
Clients have access to an automated dashboard that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to do their analytical investigations for them.
A Choice from a multitude of smart selections powered by 7 customizable contextual and user based recommendation algorithms. point and click installation.

Decipher user intentions.

The plot of each individual purchasing narrative is vastly different.

Customers have different goals depending on their intentions, backgrounds, and budgets

These goals can be discovered the moment a visitor reaches your page,
then content can be shifted to target these goals and increase conversion.

Retention is Key: make sure your customer story has a sequel.

e-commerce strategies focus more on acquisition than retention.

But e-commerce companies make more than 50% of their profit from the top 10% of their repeat consumers.

Personalize your site to maximise the time spent by your most important users.

You might want to see it live to know how it works

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High performance affordable A.I solution for e-commerce SMBs

Imagine if you could complete a cohort analysis of all of your products before they even launch, instantly.
Find keywords, products and content with wasted potential. Make better educated guesses before A/B testing with predictive target market profiling.
Plottr turns your entire site into a recommendation engine. And we do it with easy point and click frictionless installation.
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